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02 Ideas That Matter


“Every action produces a reaction, and every reaction is in exact accord with that action.

In the same way, every belief that we hold manifests itself in some manner by either causing us to take some form of action, or by preventing us from taking action.” – Wu Wei

Stay-at-home car and its effect: “Of course this is only one little car and a chance moment on a nearby road, while the usual mass of traffic hums along nearby on all sides. Yet when I saw these, minutes apart, the possible connection jumped out.” Image above and quote courtesy of and with thanks to readerwalker.

In order to break from our newly programmed instinct for consumption as a primary, if not the sole, means for providing meaning in our lives, we must embrace the things in life that really matter, that provide real meaning:
– community,
– family,
– friends,
– charity,
– and the life experiences that we have, frequently in the company of others.

We are a social species, and we must recognise that meaning in our lives can come from things and their associations, but ultimately it is the linking of our identity with things rather than actions and experiences that has brought us to this point of a triple tipping point: economic, environmental and social decline.


Image courtesy of and with thanks to Spinster.

One of the best descriptions of the global zeitgeist, the spirit that all of us at The Review and the Natural Capital Institute think defines the transition the world is undergoing was best expressed by author and scholar Richard Tarnas: “It is perhaps not too much to say that, in the first decade of the new millennium, humanity has entered into a condition that is in some sense more globally united and interconnected, more sensitized to the experiences and suffering of others, in certain respects more spiritually awakened, more conscious of alternative future possibilities and ideals, more capable of collective healing and compassion, and, aided by technological advances in communication media, more able to think, feel, and respond together in a spiritually evolved manner to the world’s swiftly changing realities than has ever before been possible.”

Quote courtesy of and with great thanks to NCI/Wiser Earth.


Thanks to tobanblack, who I believe found this on this site (not currently functioning).

We are all connected. Believe it or not, the science is there. Almost everything we do and almost all the decisions we make will have some effect on our environment, our planet and each other, in some form or fashion, however minute or brief. This is a natural law. And it is very important to understand our decisions and actions have consequences that resonate through time, effecting not only our present and immediate future conditions, but also those in the longer term, however minute. So we must remember this when we are poised to throw something away, buy something else, go somewhere or do something. We must ask ourselves, in what way can I choose, or choose otherwise, that will be of least impact to the environment?

We all think differently, we all live differently, we are all different. Yet we are fundamentally a social species we must all live together, and live with other species, whether we like it or not. We should take opportunities to learn from each other. Else we are destined to repeat our worst mistakes, or make worse ones still, with worse consequences. Let’s learn from each other.

What do you think?

This is what we are driven by, fundamentally. It may sound pessimistic, but we are inspired by the potential for improvement in global well-being that manifests all around us.

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Part of the Problem? or Part of the Solution?

Rampant consumerism.
Widespread unsustainable lifestyles.
Unsustainable business practices.
Damaging and unsustainable travel and transport.
Extensive environmental degradation and biodiversity loss.
These are some of the problems we face.
Energy crisis.
Financial crisis.
Uneducated and un-empowered.
Environmental damage.
Food and water shortage.
Climate change.
Are you part of the problem,
Or are you part of the solution?

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