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Twitter Roundup, 21 August 2013

Interesting views opposing the anti-fracking groups re: previous tweet from @TheCommentator. Check the views in the comments. Not convinced.

Hilariously, Green MP Caroline Lucas (arrested earlier) says democracy has failed anti-frackers. Here’s the truth: 

Germany just shattered its solar record by producing 5.1 terawatt hours of clean energy in July! 


Are you hemmed in by a separation wall or security fence? … via @guardianwitness

@inhabitat  expensive alcohol perhaps? Or exhaust fumes from luxury jets and vehicles?

New Study Shows Rich People’s Bodies Are Filled With Unique Toxins … via @onswipe

@SustainableTall ugh! Point taken re: Zaha’s Miami tower viz – TOTALLY out of context. How could they release these!?! Makes a mockery…

@SustainableTall Re: zaha’s tower, probably a short-and-sharp rendering from a Chinese render farm, with all due respect…

Why do new pictures of Zaha’s Miami tower lack context with the exception of a few palm trees? Via @dezeen …

SO WRONG-FIGHT IT! MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS! Fox News’ climate change coverage can affects viewers’ skepticism 

WOW!! Sun’s Magnetic Field Forecast to Flip by Year End 

Big nuke company EDF decides renewables are a better bet in the U.S. … via @grist

@SustainableTall re: Shard Carbuncle, Heritage NIMBYs and historical anti-futurists will always complain about anything new, and any change.

@SustainableTall re: Shard Carbuncle, in an age of austerity and dwindling resources, it’s ok to question a massive glass skyscraper.

@SustainableTall Nice: Renzo Piano: “I don’t really remember the reason why The Shard is so tall. I don’t really care.” @BDonline

@AlexSteffen pls clarify: why 80m? Sounds extreme – is that an upper limit? What’s the average? And the timescale and temp change for 80m?

Wish: Someone pls make awesome image w 80m higher seas MT@GrantHenninger Easy enough to make: Topo data for Antarctic 

@SustainableTall @Dezeen remember the days of the £10,000 Hayes Davidson renders?

2012 Broke Climate Records, New Report Says  via @LiveScience

UPDATE: closing old @rkulczak account and merging with @richardkulczak please follow my new account @richardkulczak thank you!

Deviant design: “@designboom: ai weiwei: surveillance camera blocker 

Oxymoron? Brooklyn to build automated underground carpark – under a public park. Lose the cars, no carpark necessary. …

Lee Hallman joins Foster + Partners to head up Interiors Group:

Urbanism, scary & good : Ten #CityData Facts About Cities  check the estimated London deaths from vehicle pollution!

Why Cities Must Allow Us to Love and Leave our Cars …

@BDonline: Sidell Gibson Architects goes bust ” so sad. And does BDs headline really need to twist the knife?

@BDonline6 Aug 38% of architects have been made redundant since 2008 

Film: ARUP’s Jake Hacker presents the fundamental elements of building physics in a charmingly ‘accessible’ way 

FAVOURITE: How the language of green building has changed; now it’s just weather-proofing. …

Some good info and ideas here: @sustaincities: See ten of the best #urbanism posts 

Fancy words for gardens & PARKS? “@sustaincities: Prairie in the Suburbs: Introducing Sustainable Urban Landscapes 

UNBELIEVABLE: ‘Frack Gag’ Bans two Children From Talking About Fracking, Forever 

Bad workplace design means most employees are “struggling to work effectively” …

An Architect Whose Work Stood Out, Even if She Did Not (@NYT points to male chauvinism as one reason) 

This One Tweet Reveals What’s Wrong With American Business | LinkedIn …

The End of the Suburbs  via @TIMEIdeas

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