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How to be green – hybrid cars are cheaper


20130305-065715.jpgIs hybrid, electric or petrol cars better for the environment? I am sure we have all heard the fact that Arnie’s hydrogen hummer is better in its entire lifecycle than a toyota prius. Well, we now have all electric cars on the road, so is Arnie’s hummer still better?

There is plenty of research out there on the lifecycles of electric versus hybrid, I am sure that we can find a conspiracy theory that says that the ones that say the petrol cars are better are sponsored by oil companies and that the ones that say electric are better are sponsored by treehugging hippies. But in the interest of starting a conversation I found a good paper from Arnie’s old stomping ground by the Californian Air Resources Board (CARB) from June 2012 that compared conventional petrol vehicle (CV), battery electric vehicle (BEV) and a hybrid – presumably the only conflict…

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This entry was posted on 24 April 2013 by in Environmental Sustainability.

Part of the Problem? or Part of the Solution?

Rampant consumerism.
Widespread unsustainable lifestyles.
Unsustainable business practices.
Damaging and unsustainable travel and transport.
Extensive environmental degradation and biodiversity loss.
These are some of the problems we face.
Energy crisis.
Financial crisis.
Uneducated and un-empowered.
Environmental damage.
Food and water shortage.
Climate change.
Are you part of the problem,
Or are you part of the solution?

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