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Environmental Sustainability, Everyone’s Duty


However you look at it, either as sustainability, protection, stewardship, or just old fashioned respect, unless the overwhelming majority of us begin to take responsibility for the environment on multiple levels, we are facing the previously unthinkable, once confined to the realms of imaginative science fiction Nostradamians.

Social, environmental, political, economic and commercial, academic, professional. There will be no aspect of life on this earth that is left unharmed, from the phytoplankton to the cockroaches, once thought to be resilient enough to survive a nuclear (‘newcular’, according GW Bush Jnr.) holocaust.

Photo courtesy of and with thanks to los alamos national lab:

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This entry was posted on 7 February 2012 by in Activism, Environmental Sustainability, Idealism.

Part of the Problem? or Part of the Solution?

Rampant consumerism.
Widespread unsustainable lifestyles.
Unsustainable business practices.
Damaging and unsustainable travel and transport.
Extensive environmental degradation and biodiversity loss.
These are some of the problems we face.
Energy crisis.
Financial crisis.
Uneducated and un-empowered.
Environmental damage.
Food and water shortage.
Climate change.
Are you part of the problem,
Or are you part of the solution?

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