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Dude, what’s up with Canada, eh?

What are they thinking?


First of all, Canada, an area of magnificent unspoilt wilderness, continues to support their environmentally detrimental and carbon intensive tar sands mining in favour of, you guessed it, money (i.e their ‘economy’).

Known widely for their tolerance, now Canada has decided to use a rarely implemented clause and have backed out of their obligations to the Kyoto Protocol. Despite national and international outcry, there is no turning back; their reputation as the more pleasant and sophisticated North American country is now decimated.

This act of desperation and environmental hara-kiri was surely motivated by the one true mark of weakness and selfishness, you guessed it, money, financial greed.

If you are Canadian, or know any Canadians, please be sure to do what you can to help save our ailing planet from being raped unwillingly by greedy and power-hungry politicians and the companies that are bankrolling them and committing these environmental atrocities.

Au revoir, mon vieil ami.

Photo courtesy of and with thanks to SkyTruth:

One comment on “Dude, what’s up with Canada, eh?

  1. Hiram Escott
    17 December 2011

    I read this article fully about the resemblance of latest and previous technologies, it’s awesome article.

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